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September 23, 2007

The Key Questions, 23 September 07


National Party leader John Key has stepped into the Maori burial case, telling police they must uphold the law and exhume the body of James Takamore.

Mr Takamore died two months ago and had expressed a wish for his body to be remain close to his wife and child in Christchurch. However, extended family members from the Bay of Plenty snatched the body, leading to a court dispute.

Now, Police are reportedly saying they will ignore a court order to exhume the body and send it back to his immediate family, because police don't want to anger local Maori.

However, John Key says while he has praise for police sensitivity, the rule of law is vital for maintaining public confidence in the justice system, and the court order must be enforced.

Also in today's The Key Questions, the Opposition leader endorses a Sunday Star Times columnist's claim that Labour is introducing creeping fascism with the Electoral Finance Bill. Key says the Bill is unconstitutional, a direct assault on democracy, and the public should be up in arms about it.

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September 15, 2007

Breaking News - Investigate names terror trainees in NZ


Investigate magazine will name Monday two men it alleges have formal ties to a major terrorist organization, and who arrived in New Zealand on false documentation.

The men supplied false work and/or family details in order to be granted legitimate New Zealand work permits.

At least one of the men, who is still here, trained for three months at a jihad camp run by the al Qa’ida affiliate Lashkar e Taiba in Pakistan’s rugged North West Frontier province.

Documentation, video tapes and sworn statements obtained by Investigate reveal the training involved specialization in Kalashnikov rifles and rocket-propelled grenade launchers...(more)

Australian Guantanamo Bay detainee David Hicks trained at the same jihad camp with the same organization.

A number of men caught in Australia and the US after training at those terror camps have been jailed for between 13 and 70 years.

Although Lashkar e Taiba’s primary focus has been the disputed territory in Kashmir, since 9/11 the group has increased its attention on Islamic jihad throughout the West. A number of its members have been arrested in Australia over the past two years in connection with plans to attack Australian targets.

Just last week a man was jailed in the United States for 24 years for attending a jihad camp in Pakistan three years ago. Similarities to the New Zealand case include the type of training involved, and the fact that the American attendee also lied about his terror background to authorities. Aggravating features in the American case specifically include an admission by the man that he intended to use his terror training at some point in the US.

Investigate has no evidence that the men who arrived in New Zealand are involved in any terror planning in this country, but both men and their families are members of the radical Islamic organization Lashkar e Taiba - one family member having risen to the rank of unit commander.

Lashkar e Taiba is on the United Nations list of banned terror organizations, and is also listed by New Zealand Police as a banned organization.

Full details in the latest Investigate magazine, on sale Monday.

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September 14, 2007

The Key Questions, 16 September 07


National party leader John Key has stepped into the A1 milk controversy, with a call for more research into whether A2 milk is better.

Key's stance is revealed in this week's The Key Questions, the exclusive MP3 audio interview with Key that plays on investigatemagazine.tv

While adopting a "softly softly" approach in order not to damage our critically important dairy industry, John Key nonetheless concedes that it is crucial to get to the bottom of the controversy once and for all and, if needed, take urgent steps.

In the interview Key also touches on the latest revelations in Investigate magazine about immigrants linked to terror organisations now working in New Zealand, and says the public expect higher standards.

A rise in the driving age is also mooted.

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September 09, 2007

The Key Questions, 9 September 07


National Party leader John Key has accused Prime Minister Helen Clark of getting "emotional" over the Air New Zealand troop flights, and letting that emotion endanger our relationship with Australia.

The accusation comes in this week's The Key Questions on investigatemagazine.tv.

John Key also gives qualified support to Children's Commissioner Cindy Kiro's "Big Sister plot", but says National would not support mandatory surveillance of all families. Instead, Key calls on Labour to get over its "political correctness" and simply target the at risk households, instead of beating middle New Zealand around the ears with the threat of more social engineering.

In this week's The Key Questions, the National Leader also expands on National's nuclear policy in the wake of the APEC communique on nuclear power, as well as facing questions on the latest opinion poll, the possible sacking of Corrections Minister Damien O'Connor and the latest threats from Osama bin Laden..

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September 02, 2007

The Key Questions, 2 September 07


Opposition Leader John Key says Labour MP Phil Goff is plotting a leadership coup against Prime Minister Helen Clark in the wake of dismal poll ratings for the Government.

The revelation comes in this week's The Key Questions on investigatemagazine.tv, a new regular online-only political feature from Investigate magazine.

In the 12 minute interview, Key also sounds off on the Kyoto Protocol, hinting it may be in New Zealand's interests to bail on some of the onerous financial penalties of the Kyoto regime, as Canada has signalled it will be doing.

Key also discusses the quarter-billion dollar bill facing parents as a result of school fees this coming year, and sets out what he believes is the answer to the Made in China crisis.

To listen to this week's podcast, download the MP3 feed here

The Key Questions will feature every Sunday night from here on, only on investigatemagazine.tv

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